We have really grown to enjoy our little strawberry patch. It is no longer a little patch at all, really! They have multiplied so much in the last two years that we are keen to create a bigger spot for them over at our new urban farmstead.

After doing some research we have chosen to play with the Hugelkultur method. We just love the idea of our kids being able to pick the strawberries while standing up. We also like the idea of the strawberries having lots of room to spread while still having plenty of space for companion plants to mingle.

The soil at the new farmstead is very sandy and now we have the chance to create a long lasting and self-sustaining bed that will support our plants for a very long time to come.

image from PermacultureNews.com


Hard work in the beginning means we get to be lazy later on Hehe . . . Ok, it just means we can focus on other fun things instead of worrying about the poor quality of soil. In all seriousness though, that is one of the reasons we love Permaculture: we are creating permanent systems in which Nature can work her magic. She is the best at it after all.

Have a look at the articles posted below for more info about Hugelkultur and tips for growing strawberries.

Do you have any tips to share? We would love to hear them!

Till next time!

Shireen & Kathy





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