Leeks are part of the Allium family. For the purpose of companion planting, leeks should generally be treated like onions. Leeks are related to onions, garlic and chives. They prefer full sun though partial shade is tolerable. They require moderate water and nutrients. Companion Plants should have similar soil, sunlight and watering requirements as well as an additional attribute such as pest or disease suppression, flavor enhancement or so forth. Leeks, chives, onion and garlic all emit a pungent aroma which repels many insects. Leeks, garlic and chives repel nearly all varieties of aphids. Leek and other alliums are also believed to deter rabbits.

Leeks Like …

Carrots – ideal candidate for inter-planting with leeks, particularly for the purpose of pest suppression.

“Protect carrots by planting them with leeks to repel both carrot and onion flies. They won’t even lay their eggs and your yield will increase tremendously.” ~ Natural News May 2012    

“A major enemy of the carrot is the carrot fly, whereas the leek suffers from the leek moth and the onion fly. Yet when the leek and the carrot live in companionship, the strong and strangely different smell of the partner plant repels the insects so well that they do not even attempt to lay their eggs on the neighbor plant. This is why mixed plantings give better insect control than a monoculture where many plants of the same type are planted together in row after row.”  ~ Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening

Celery – related to Carrots and has many of the same pests – leeks will help to suppress these pests the same as in carrots.

“Celery and leeks both grow well when trenched. Both celery and celeriac are reported to have a hormone which has an effect similar to insulin, making them an excellent seasoning for diabetics or for anyone on a salt-reduced diet.” ~ Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening

“The compatibility of celery and leek, for instance, consists in the upright nature of the leek thus finding room near the bushy celery plant, and both are potash lovers.” ~ God’s Garden, My Life – Bonnie J. Lee

Parsley – another carrot family crop that will work well Leeks for all the same reasons as carrots and celery.

Fruit Trees, specifically Apple – benefit from Leeks and chives growing nearby. Leeks, as all alliums, repels many insects – borers, slugs, mites – many that prey on fruit trees. The leek will prevent prevent apple scab and similar fungal diseases. It needs to be planted within a few feet of the tree base, after about 3 years, as the natural fungicidal properties of the leeks, chives and or related alliums accumulates within the soil, apple scab shouldn’t be an issue.



Leeks will also grow well with their cousins due to similar cultural, nutrient and soil requirements –

  • Onions
  • shallot
  • garlic  

If you are planning to inter-plant leeks with other Onion family plants do so in moderation. A small patch of leeks and garlic, or leeks and onion is not so bright a shining beacon for pests and pathogens as a big patch, or a few scattered small patches here and there in your garden.

Leeks Dislike …

Beans and legumes are not good companions for leeks or related plants. You can probably do it , and get away with it without any noticeable negative consequences about 75% of time. It has been documented however that alliums stunt the growth of beans, legumes, peas etc.  A compound found in garlic and to a lesser extent leeks known as “ajoene” acts as an anti-fungal agent in some cases, but has negative effect in others; the growth of beans and legumes being one.

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