This last month went by just like that! Maybe it just feels that way because, as they say, time flies when you are having fun!

Last month found us enjoying our new self-composting beds, setting up our mini glass hot houses and planting a variety of seedlings that we brought up at home.

This month saw us expanding the garden while helping our neighbour re-design and build her new chicken sanctuary/rescue centre. Let’s take a look at some before and after pics:

As you can see, our wooden fence runs in front of the old chicken sanctuary (above)

Let’s take a look all along the fence from the left corner (below)

The middle of the fence with our strawberry, lettuce and spring onion bed in front (below)

To the far right corner (below)

Now it looks a little different

We have taken down a section of the wooden fence as well as the fencing up to our gate (below)

The new chicken sanctuary will now be along the remaining wooden fence down to the paddocks

and our extended garden now runs further down to the paddocks.

What a beautiful view of the mountains.

We are looking forward to growing in this lovely fertile soil and having some rescue chickens for company!

We have also planted more organic seedlings that we bought from Hart Nursery in Ottery (Cape Town)

Turnips and  bright lights spinach (above)

Leeks, parsley and coriander in the bottom left bed and spinach and lettuce in the bottom right bed (above)

Read more about companion planting with Leeks here:

Companion Planting with Leeks


Beetroot and rocket with our rhubarb (above)

And our self seeded tomato is doing exceptionally well in our Asparagus bed (above)

Read more about companion planting with Asparagus here:

Asparagus Companions

We also decided to get ahead with our Spring planting and have planted a variety of organic seeds

Including Spaghetti Squash and Loofah and some medicinal herbs (above)

We were especially excited about planting organic peas! Notice they are not bright pink like the chemically treated pea seeds you get from most companies (below)

We also planted Rainbow Corn seeds from a previous harvest and feel very humbled and grateful when we plant our own harvested seeds (below)

Seeds not pictured include bush beans, purple beans (from a previous harvest) spinach, lettuce, turnips, chillies, lemon basil, cinnamon basil, German chamomile, thyme and giant sunflowers.

So now that seeds and seedlings were in, what to do while we patiently wait?


And if you don’t wanna eat ’em, make medicine from them.

A Shout-Out to Nasturtiums ~ Beneficial in the Garden & in Medicinal Food Recipes

Nourishing Nettle ~ Wild Food & Medicine & How to Harvest without the Sting


Meanwhile, back at Kathy’s home (the Mimosa Urban Farmstead as we like to call it), where we grow up our seedlings from seed: we have let some lettuce go to seed while the Paw Paw is already producing flowers… go figure…

So all in all it has been a very busy and rewarding month! We love our new extended garden and cannot wait for the chickens to arrive. We also love being able to see our horsey neighbours too …. aaaah, farm life in the city!

And since every garden deserves flowers, here are some for you (with a chicken in the background just for good measure)

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Happy Growing!

With Love

Shireen & Kathy


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