Yay! Our purple cauliflowers are doing well – and they taste amazing!

We have been feeding them every two weeks with liquid manure tea, which they seem to really enjoy.

Our verdict is they are best eaten straight out the garden – raw and all!

Of course, peas are also be best straight out the garden!

Kids love opening them up and eating the yummy gems inside.

Our rhubarb is also doing well – look at those big leaves!

When they are ready to harvest (very soon) we will use the leaves to make a natural bug repellent.

Watch this space for some yummy rhubarb recipes…

Much to our delight we have had giant mustard greens popping up all over the garden.

We are letting the nicest ones go to seed and adding the leaves to salads and green dressings.

The bunny’s and ducks over at Kathy’s urban farm homestead are loving them too and thank us by providing us with lovely poop for our compost and liquid manure fertilizers.

One of our spinach patches (below)

And a self-seeded tomato patch – they have been hanging in there most of winter and we are excited the see what happens this spring.

We decided to prepare for spring and less rain by burying bottles to fill up with water. This will ensure roots are watered and that dry sunny days do not evaporate our water. Great for plants such as squashes, pumpkins and tomatoes who do not like getting their leaves wet.

We collected 1L, 1.5L and 2L bottles to use in our garden…

And made a few tiny holes with a soldering iron.

You can also use a needle with the non-sharp end stuck into a cork for easy handling then heat the tip in the flame of a candle before making your holes.

We made between 8 – 14 holes around the sides of the bottom of the bottle – not directly on the bottom.

Here we buried some in our new Rainbow Corn bed (sown from seeds we collected from a previous harvest)

After filling the bottles with water, place the cap back on but do not screw on tightly…just enough to let the water slowly seep through the holes.

2L can cover a 1m radius and we are hoping to water around once a week once plants are established.

Then, it was time to weed! We do love our weeds but once they take over they must go. We pile them up and make liquid weed tea that we use to water our plants. We stir the weed tea every couple of days and after a week or two we start using the liquid tea to water our plants. We dilute it roughly 1 part weed tea to 20 parts water.

We also decided to make compost in a bath by layering already decomposing leaves with greens (weeds, trimmings, etc), horse manure and finally some more decomposing leaf matter. We threw in some liquid poop soup and regretted getting in all over our arms. Oh well…

All in all our garden is looking and feeling lush… we just hope we get some more much needed rains.

How does your garden grow? Do let us know!

In the meantime, happy Springing!

Till next time,

Keep growing!

Shireen & Kathy


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