Saturday, 9 September saw a diverse group of seed saving enthusiasts gathering under a beautiful old tree in Keurboom Park, Cape Town to celebrate the launch of the Mother City Seed Library and it’s monthly seed sharing meetings.

Seed swapping, depositing and borrowing took place amidst slow food sharing, interesting conversations and a growing passion for saving seed and ensuring food sovereignty.


One of the Mother City Seed Library’s missions is to support Seed Library users and gardeners, from beginner to expert, through the process of growing, harvesting, and seed saving.

Spearheaded by expert growers, the Mother City Seed Library not only connects people with seeds but also people with people. Community members are able to come to monthly seed swaps and check-out open-pollinated, heirloom seeds to take home and grow. and through partnerships with community members they will offer a variety of free gardening and seed saving programs throughout the year.

It was wonderful to have learned valuable new insights and leave feeling more empowered to garden with heart and more confidence.

The Mother City Seed Library has edible, decorative, and herb seed varieties available for the people of the Mother City and beyond to “borrow.”

We hope that seed borrowers will harvest some seeds from their plants, keeping a portion for themselves and returning a portion back to the Seed Library for others to enjoy–this way, the Seed Library will become self-sustaining over time. – Paul Barker, founder of the Mother City Seed Library

The seeds that make-up the collection have come through donations, with a larger portion of the seeds coming from national seed companies that have seed donation programs in place.

For more information about the Mother City Seed Library, contact Paul

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It felt really good to donate Growing Home seeds to the Mother City Seed Library and we are ever so excited about the seeds we borrowed to grow and re-seed the library!

A big thank you to everyone we met and shared seeds with – we are so happy our seeds found beautiful forever gardens with such awesome people! We thank you all for your generosity and bringing such wonderful seeds to the gathering as well as to our garden.

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