We are so excited and blessed to have Peter Rain Treurnicht join the Growing Home Team! I met him back in 2015 at the Hogsback Festival of Trees in the Eastern Cape and instead of coming back to Cape Town Peter ended up going to live and work on an amaaaaaazing Permaculture Farm just outside East London – for 2 years! He is now back in the city and itching to Get Growing again and we are super stoked to have him on board! This comes at just the right time as myself and Kathy will be spending more time between Cape Town and Greyton where we will also be doing some growing and learning and with Peter on board we know that the Growing Home garden will flourish and bloom!

Peter has already gotten his hands dirty and created an amazing banana citrus circle pit. Read further for how it was all done.

Happy to report on my 1st working day in our Garden. This morning I tackled the cleaning/prepping of our Banana Citrus Circle Pit and as far as prepping go I think it went very well.
First I got rid of all the dead banana leaf debris around the Trees and also pruned his bushy buddy next to him. I mapped out a Circle with a spade and also used the dead banana leaf material to trace the circle around. From the inside out I filled up a mound around the Trees thinking of the “HugelKultur method” to fill earth on top of the dead banana leaves and branches. Over Time these leaves and branches will break down and compost further, but until then its a thriving space for critters and bugs and beneficial microbial and better yet mycelial activity! “MR FUN-GUY!!!”
I will plant Sweet Potatoes, and as strong nutrient accumulators – Comfrey, Yarrow and Bulbinella on the mound all around the Banana Trees. The soil here still need a huge amount of Compost, as it is still very sandy. We will need to look at building our Compost Heaps and continuously work rich compost into the soil. I then also used dried horse manure inside the circle before I put the cardboard sheet mulch down.
With the new “Golden Circle” wrapping around our Banana Trees it will also trap water and moisture inside the pit when it rains, with no chance of vital drops running off to who know’s where! Our pit is ready for all our acidic organic waste (ORANGES/LEMONS/CHILLI AND PEPPER DISCARDS/ONIONS etc.) Bananas Love a slightly more acidic environment, as do sweet potatoes!
I will also plant beans in between the trunks of the Banana Trees, to supply these babies with lots of Nitrogen as they need loads to pump out Good strong Healthy Bananas!
All in a morning’s work! Round 1pm the sun was beating down and I decide to call it a day and head on home! Calling all Gardening enthusiasts! If anyone wants to come and help me or to just de-stress in the garden…please hit me up and lets GROW HOME!!!!! Its the best remedy for City Blues! …and you might learn something new! Promise! xxx!

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