Yes, I have an indoor composting toilet system at home.

No, it does not smell offensive 🙂

Yes, the idea does “gross” some people out. That’s ok! It’s not for everyone, I get that.

During the recent Western Cape drought crisis, many people starting using composting toilets to save water. Even in the suburbs! While this is not sustainable for everyone, there are definitely places where properly managed composting toilet systems can be a great asset. Instead of flushing away drinking water and relying on often ailing infrastructure, we can actually turn our waste into rich compost – safely and with amazing results.

For those who are curious about how a simple home composting toilet system works, I highly recommend you look up THE HUMANURE HANDBOOK by Joe Jenkins. It is the BEST how-to out there and you can read it for free!

I use locally sourced untreated sawdust as well as ash from our woodstove and fire places as our initial cover material in the bathroom.

When the buckets are full, we put a lid on it and swap it out for a new bucket.

When its time to empty and clean the buckets, we add it to our humanure compost pile and then we add used straw from our animal bedding as cover material on the outdoor compost heap.

In this video, you can see how Joe does it:

And here he shows us how to make a compost bin with pallets:

I have been using this system for over a year now and it has been simple and odor free. I highly recommend this for anyone with the space and recourses to do so. I can’t wait to harvest my first batch of compost when it is ready! 


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