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Nourishing Nettle ~ Wild Food & Medicine & How to Harvest without the Sting

Sometimes Nature has an odd sense of humour. Take Stinging Nettle – Urtica urens here for example: at a glance she looks rather unassuming, even inconspicuous. Now, take a closer look: see those fine hairs? Well, if you’ve happened to brush past stinging nettle, you will know what I am talking about: those hairs sting as they come into contact with the skin – and not just a momentary prick but a lingering stinging and sometimes itchy and almost burning…

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2 Ingredient All Natural, All Purpose Cleaner

If you have vinegar at home you can make this simple all purpose cleaner by adding some citrus peels and giving it time to infuse. This all purpose cleaner has so many uses! It is child and pet friendly, won’t burn your eyes and it doesn’t smell like vinegar! Plus with winter coming up, there are sure to be plenty of citrus peels you can use. As you can see in our picture, Irie cat approves! What You Need: Jar…

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