Preserving the Harvest

Glutney: A Versatile Chutney Recipe for Gluts of Veg at Harvest Time

We are delighted and very grateful for an abundant harvest of marrows and tomatoes (that just keep coming!). This is our latest harvest and we are preparing to make GLUTNEY: a simple, versatile recipe that can preserve various gluts of veg at harvest time. I learned the base of this recipe while working on an off-grid eco backpackers in rural Eastern Cape with a most dynamic Israeli sister when we had an overrun of green tomatoes – and the first…

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Spicy and Sweet Purple Sauerkraut

Last week we decided to visit one of our neighbours who are growing the most beautiful organic vegetables from their home market garden in the suburb of Pinelands.  The Pinelands Market Garden Open Day turned out to be marvelously inspiring and we walked away with some great ideas and some rather sexy cabbages! On the way home I remembered that I had some cranberries and wouldn’t they add the perfect sweetness to a spicy sauerkraut? Yup, I believe they would! Sold…

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Nourishing Nettle ~ Wild Food & Medicine & How to Harvest without the Sting

Sometimes Nature has an odd sense of humour. Take Stinging Nettle – Urtica urens here for example: at a glance she looks rather unassuming, even inconspicuous. Now, take a closer look: see those fine hairs? Well, if you’ve happened to brush past stinging nettle, you will know what I am talking about: those hairs sting as they come into contact with the skin – and not just a momentary prick but a lingering stinging and sometimes itchy and almost burning…

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