Earthworm Farming

4 Useful Applications for Coffee Grounds in the Garden

If you are anything like us, you probably love a good cuppa coffee (or 2) – but what do you do with your leftover coffee grounds? Many avid gardeners use it in their garden – and so do we. Most plants love it because of the often high Nitrogen content in coffee. Nitrogen is a component of chlorophyll and therefore essential for photosynthesis. It is also the basic element of plant and animal proteins, including the genetic material DNA and…

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DIY Worm Farm in a Bath

First of all I have to say how much we love the synchronicity of how we managed to acquire our baths! For a long time Kathy and I have wanted to farm our worms in a bath but space was always an issue; but as soon as we knew we were moving over to our much bigger new garden, the dream turned from when to how. Where would we find old baths?¬† Getting fencing to put up around our new…

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7 Reasons We Love Our Worms

While we love all earthworms, we are specifically talking about red wrigglers when it comes to earthworm farming.¬†These guys live on food scraps while the other earthworms live off decaying plant matter. Earthworms are the pioneers of soil building. These humble creatures process decaying matter and create rich, living soil. Farming with earthworms is so easy, you can do it on pretty much any scale. When we lived in an upstairs compartment and only had plants in pots, we gave…

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