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No matter the project we are focused on, we always pay close attention to our impact on the environment and each other. This means:

  • We reduce the amount of waste we use and generate; we re-use and re-purpose and repair.
  • There is no “away”  so we want nothing to go to the landfill. We take full responsibility for our own waste. This means becoming inventive and innovative and fine-tuning how we respond to people who cross paths with us so we can generate a co-operative awakening.
  • We grow and make as much of our own food and remedies as we can.
  • We do not waste water – especially for flushing toilets! Join the Humanure revolution and download your free Humanure Handbook


Join us in the Growing Home permaculture kitchen garden, berry house, fruit orchard and medicine garden and follow us with the seasons as we observe and work with the lay of the land; make compost and worm tea, prune, pick, companion plant and delight in the biodiversity of it all.



From garden to kitchen: join us in preserving and preparing our harvests and making our own body and home care products. From sprouting and fermenting foods for good gut health (the engine of our immune systems) to dehydrating and using herbs and flowers for tea mixes and colourful culinary (and medicinal) salts to blending our own oils and vinegars for use in foods as well as home and body care. We also make soaps and shampoo bars, remineralizing tooth powders and pastes, herbal ointments and uplifting flower essences: healthy body, healthy mind.

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